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Turning obstacles into Opportunities :Let's Life to Blossom Like a Flower

It’s sometime just allow the life to flower instead of becoming an obstacle to the life mechanism itself -GuruOpinion
Let's Allow the Life to Blossom Like a Flower -GuruOpinion
Life is full of hurdles. On each and every step of life, one faces some or the other hurdle. What really matters is how these hurdles are taken, whether positive or negative. Sometimes one can change or mold the environment and sometimes one cannot. However, the attitude towards a change can be controlled.

Academics, love, friendships, career all these can never be achieved smoothly. They ought to have hurdles in every next level. What matters is how a person takes these obstacles. Pass and failures are like 2 sides of a same coin. Success is never achieved without failure. But this pillar of failure should be taken as a pillar of learning for the next level ensuring that the same failure does not come back.

Focus on what you can do rather than on what you have wasted. This is the utmost important belief that everyone should have. People are habitual of wasting their time in thinking what mistakes they have done and day dreaming their situation had they not committed that mistake. This myth has to be avoided. Focus on what can be done to improve the situation is important. If a student gets a backlog in any of the subject, then rather than regretting about the time which has already gone and has been wasted, what is more important is to focus on how that particular subject can be improved inn the next level.

One should have a positive approach towards life. Mistakes, failures, hurdles, obstacles do come to everyone’s life. What is important is how positively one takes these hurdles. To be precise, the attitude towards the negative changes. The day one will start having this positive attitude, the life will be simple and beautiful. This can be done by thinking that there has to be a reason as to why a particular obstacle has come or finding out the positive hidden behind this obstacle. A hindrance in a business can be considered as learning for the next opportunity, preparing for the worse and ensuring that the same obstacle is not repeated in the business. This is what actually a positive approach towards challenges is. Challenges should be taken as an advantage for success.

Worrying about a particular problem is not the solution. Rather than dwelling on a particular problem, attention must be on the possible solutions. Within every obstacle an opportunity lies to improve the condition. One has to realize this condition. Failure is a feature. There is nothing wrong in doing things wrong. Each time defeat takes place, options can be opened and problems can be flipped into opportunities.

Life is a beautiful flower which needs to be blossomed; it should not be spoiled with obstacles.

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Is Perfection Truth , Hype or Myth ??

Is Perfection Truth , Hype or Myth ??
Is Perfection Truth , Hype or Myth ??
Perfection is nothing but organized mental conditioning forcefully imposed by external world. When we talk about perfection basically we referring to certain guidelines drawn by so called social leaders or some above the ladder.

Nobody is perfect in this entire universe. This world includes billions and trillions of living organisms but nobody is perfect in its own manner. Committing mistakes are an essential part of one’s life. This is the sole reason why apologies are made for lies, why erasers are made for pencils. Mistakes are bound to happen and so are ways to correct these mistakes are made.

You have a right to Make Mistake:
Some might think that a perfect job with a perfect earning, early to bed and early to rise is what a definition of a perfect man, but this is not perfection, it is being real. This perfect man would have also committed some or other mistake in his entire life. Even the individuals who are known to be the best of the mankind have made mistakes in their lives. The major difference here lies is how the mistakes are taken. Mistakes should be taken as a challenge for the next level of life rather than taking a set back and regretting for the mistake.

Heroes are not born, they are made. Handmade earthen pots are never made without spanking and molding. They require proper technique for molding and gradually they are made perfect in shape and size. Similarly, nobody is born perfect; it depends on how positively the challenges in life are taken. The more the mistakes are committed, the more experience and perfection is gained. Whenever something good is done, there is always a space for something better that can be done. This staircase leads to perfection.

Perfection should never be mistaken with idealism. An ideal person can be a perfect person but a perfect person can never be ideal person.

An ideal person can be considered as the one who dreams of how the things can be in the perfect world. His work is done and achieved basis the entire world. They can be considered as intellectual and philosophical kinds of people, who consider the whole world as one entity and try to find solution being the basic unit of the whole creation.

Idealism and perfectionism are two critical bridges that one needs to build for a successful life.

It is easy to create an imaginative ideal world but the actual life lies with the hurdles which are faced by everyone. What matters is how these hurdles and difficulties are taken alongside with opportunities and experiences. There is no such human being which is satisfied with his life. The greed of wanting more is never ending and hence a perfect life is never achieved. In the end it is a successful, real life which is achieved with obstacles and experiences at NOW.

SELF STUDY is Exciting !!! Even when you hate studies !!!!!

Guru Opinion

Self-studying can be explained as a process where a person is himself/herself responsible for the kind of instruction they follow in order to learn a particular subject. Here, he/she is his/her own teacher. Hence, to put it in simple words, it is something studied by oneself without the help of another person but the learning may be supplemented and supported by books, journals and information available on the World Wide Web. 

No doubt, a teacher provides us with years of valuable knowledge and experience but the real learning happens when we teach ourselves. Self-study is an individual effort to learn by references/experimentation or a prescribed course. 

How can this be done?

Self- learning can be done through books, references from online journals, monthly journals and researches, tutorials available on particular topics, informative brochures, magazines and newspapers. 

There is no age for leaning. It’s a vicious circle and a never-ending process. As humans, we’ve been created with a self-learning mechanism in our anatomy wherein we take clues from our environment and learn about how things work. 

Also, it is important to realize that all learning arises from curiosity. Those who like exploring newer horizons of knowledge and wisdom are always motivated to learn new things and look for newer mediums to increase the learning. 

Perks of self-studying:

One of the many advantages of self-study is that the information is retained for a longer duration of time and it is sustainable. You will never forget a lesson that you learned yourself. This happens because when we teach ourselves, we dwell deeper into every aspect of the topic so that all of the information is collected and all of our queries are resolved. Other advantages include very minimal cost as only books and internet are required, no tuition fees. It’s available everlastingly. Regular and constant learning keeps the mind fresh and generates qualitative thoughts. 

We become more efficient in our work. Enough time is provided to understand every concept and there is no rush in information collection as in case of a teacher teaching a lesson. There is no fear of criticism. The exact areas of improvement are recognized and can be worked upon. When done successfully, it boosts self-confidence tremendously. 

How to do it?

In order to effectively implement self-studying in your daily routine, set clear objectives, collect all relevant information from credible sources, get yourself interested, cover the whole topic in every possible way, do the exercises, and deal with problems. Make a list of important points for future reference and give it a periodic reading. 


Yes, a sense of direction is important and teachers, coaching, a defined set of knowledge provision is vital in the environment that we live in, but having said that, never obliterate the fact that you are your own warrior and no learning can happen unless and until you hold yourself accountable for not being able to learn a particular piece of information. Power to you!

Destination of LUCK & DESTINY

Questioner: You keep on saying the life is product of action, however I experience something call Luck & destiny too, How will you explain to me in simple so that I can understand that there is no such thing like LUCK or Destiny?

Ans: Is the question clear to all? The person asking something to hear which may put him in a situation NOT to consider LUCK or Destiny.  Right?
All: Yes
Ans: Great, let us go back to some of our previous discussion and find out if we ever placed ourselves in a position where we agreed together to reject LUCK or DESTINY, was there any such discussion? Have we ever tried to reject these? 
All: No
Ans: Now we never rejected the existences of these two loaded words   “LUCK & DESTINY”, instead we always tried to explain them as these are also product of action. 

“The whole life is Product of Action” The Life is our making, and we continuously making our own life. :-GuruOpinion 
Let us go together to investigate further, what these words literally means to us? Various Dictionaries including “Cambridge” tried to explain these words with following statements:

A) The force that some people think controls what happens in the future, and is outside human control.
B) The things that will happen in the future.
C) The particular state of a person or thing in the future, considered as resulting from earlier events.
D) The force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities. 

Now if you read, re-read again and again the above 3-4 lines and try to understand you probably will land up with following conclusion.

-We are talking about something which is beyond our control.
-We are trying to understand some future events.
-We are trying to control or name at present for an event which may or may not happen in future.
-Also we trying to understand these words by using another similar word “By Chance”

So far we are clear and in same page, right? We understood the literal definition and its defining mechanism.

Now, we have to look closely one more area, what is Action? 
When we try to define actions, our mind usually gets in to or looks at the physical actions, for example “Picking up a pen from the table”. Yes this action.

We usually try to define LUCK or Destiny from result of these actions and find there is no relationship.  That is true and wise to say LUCK & Destiny are not related to action but happen by chance. It’s absolutely fine to say this till the time we trying to define action as physical process. 

Now let’s go a little deep in this action of “Picking a Pen”.
  • Can we try and investigate the source of this action?
  • Can we try and decode the starting point of this action?
  • Can we find out the triggering factor to this action?

****Lets move carefully with a clam MIND*******

A need arise to write, as cause it searched within the field of memory or brain what can satisfy the need? The memory responded as a “PEN” can satisfy it using it we can write. 
Now once we get this response from memory which was feed systematically, the next question came is, what needs to be done?  
Instantly brain responded pick the pen, a will to pick the pen is generated and that will instructs the hands to pick the pen which finally converted in to a physical action. 

If you see the above explanation, you will relate it to each physical actions. You will realize that each physical action is sourced first as mental action, which generate a WILL and that WILL transformed in to energy which finally manifest as physical action. -:GuruOpinion

Hope so far we are investigating it correctly together? Now let’s see another dimension of mind.

1. Do we know all mental activity taking place within brain?
2. Do we have control of each WILL getting triggered mentally?

The obvious answer to both is NO, It means much mental activity taking place inside brain is not known to us or we do not have direct control on them. These mental activities are also generating many will, and finally these wills are resulting in some action/events which come to us as surprise and we call them as LUCK or DESTINY. 

Coming back to our initial agreement of explanation, we said that yes there are some events taking place which comes to us as Surprise and we call them as By Chance, LUCK, or Destiny, however these are also result of action which we performing knowingly or at our unconscious level or we do not have access to.

Hope we are clear so far and both I and you are together on same page?
Questioner: Yes, but I have another question, If this is true can we also able to control our LUCK or DESTINY?

Ans: Ha ha, Yes I was expecting this question to come, The answer is absolutely YES. You can shape your own destiny LUCK and everything. The whole life is your making knowingly or unknowingly.

Questioner: How?

Ans: That we will try to investigate together again in next session. For today lets understand this truth fully, that each event or action, surprise all are product of our own action. Please remember this needs to be understand not intellectually but in actually at deepest level of understanding. Once we both have this deeper understanding about action and its results, we can move next to investigate how we can Shape our own Destiny & LUCK
!You can spit in the eye of destiny only if you have the courage to choose for yourself !

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What do you mean by broad minded?

 QA: Series

Questioner: If possible ...can you please tell me the exact definition of broad mind?

Answer:  There is no such mind in reality, however if I try to understand the context you are asking from? Like from academic exam point of view or to know the reality? 

Questioner: I wanted to know about reality

Answer: From Academic Exam Point of view the answer can be picked from any written text or dictionaries depending up the area of subject or branch of study.
In Reality, human MIND is not capable or equipped enough to put an absolute definition to “what actually or exactly can be a broad mind?” As the human mind itself is a product of limited conditioning and information, which trying to understand the broadness based on own available conditioning and information. 

Will it be correct to say depending on the individual conditioning and ability to perceive, how far one can go thinking or expanding broadness? 

For example: If one think broadness means traveling roaming freaking around, night club, small dress etc. etc.  It means his/her thinking is going this far only or in other word the observer can accommodate up to this limit, where as another one can think of a step ahead of it as broadness.

Now if you see some of the dictionaries from academic point, you will find they tried to define broad mind using following three terms: Progressive, Liberal & Tolerant etc. etc.  

Now if you ask yourself up to what extent you are tolerant?  That’s your limit of broadness……simple!!!!

Human MIND has not understood its limitation & as well as conditioning so far, that is the sole reason, that the same human MIND trying to defining or finding vastness within the limited field of thoughts.  It’s the magnitude up to which you can perceive conveniently is broadness for you. -:GuruOpinion


The Journey Begins with a question what I want to do?

A Journey with Self : 00 

The journey started with lot of questions out of which one of the vital question was “In reality what I want to do?
It was long back, when somehow I was convinced that it’s not required to be expressed as part of society to being human, it’s not necessarily required to accept any theories or concepts propagated by many through years.

The fundamental question remains unanswered during those days, if the above is true and I am so very certain with not accepting any theories or concept, than what I want to do?

In searching of an answer to the very basic, the mind suggested It’s probably the question of how to crossing the hot stream of confusion & conflicts, which conditioned for years through various route. May be a kind of searching an end or result at which can say “Yes this is complete fulfillment”.

It was a clear understanding, that this beauty state of life is neither the result of egotistic personal expression, nor it’s a product of any disciplinary theoretical practice. This can’t be derived from continuous compulsion and imitation. The same also can’t be acquired through romantic religious sentiment or conclusions drawn by many according to their level of convenience. 

This is how the journey started from an unknown time ……..

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Learn to differentiate between an Inconvenience and Inconvenience for cause

Everything is fine, however truth is …….

There was never a single day to which we can say a convenient day in life.

Need to learn in differentiating between an Inconvenience and Inconvenience for cause. -GuruOpinion

Also need to learn that hope can be destroyed or may not come true.

No doubt there is possibilities you may be betrayed but ask yourself again and do at least your part right ……..-GuruOpinion

Do you remember a single day of your life which you can confidently call as convenient day and all happened the way you wanted? 

Ask yourself ……. 

No doubt there is possibilities you may be betrayed

Life is a process of change and change is the only constant

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Mirror of Conscience

A mirror provided to all of us in the name of Conscience, which help us to see through truth of any circumstances we usually be placed in: Like the kind of experience we pass through, various steps and decision we take, and acted upon.We always should be thankful for such a wonderful instrument of judgement in the name of Conscience. 
Its our duty and responsibility to use such instruments in day to day basis and exercising the correct option, without allowing any factor to destroy the very conscience itself.

What is the Source of Argument?

QA: Series
The very SOURCE of argument is believe it self. So there is no question of believing on argument. -GuruOpinion
This is one of personal experience, one day was encountered with a question which made to find out very interesting.

Question: Do you believe in argument?

After given a due thought to the question and trying finding an appropriate answer for same gone through the process.What is the very source of argument?

If you know some thing, you know it and probably you will not get in to an argument for the same even if any one deny it.

If you do not know some thing, again you probably go and explore to find out what it is? Here also you wont be getting in to an argument.

Now what are the condition on which we usually get in to an argument?

1. When we do not know but pretend to be knowing and struggling make that as reference.
2. When we know and force fully ask some one to believe what we know without creating a path for other to know by self.

Basically when you do not know and believe/assume something due to ignorance, without knowing the actuality ; that generate the scope of argument. 

After due consideration came in to the conclusion :

The very SOURCE of argument is believe it self. So there is no question of believing on argument.

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Plant a seed of bliss within: Happiness is you.....It's always Self Approval

To begin with, following are the wise words from Michael J. Fox, “My Happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.”

                                                    What are you seeking for? 

A great saying by many including Rumi/Buddha....What you seeking is seeking you…….
Happiness has always been a hot topic for discussions as well as debates for people.  “How come can you be so happy, after everything that has been going on in your life?”  “Why is she so happy?” “I can’t act to be happy just because you’re asking me to be happy?” “I want to be happy but I don’t know how!” We keep on hearing and facing these questions every now and then.

Every single one of us strives to be a happier person, but still our hands are often empty even after hundreds of attempts. Why does this happen? The sole reason that can be accounted for this unhappiness is that we find our pleasures in materialistic things and not in something more sustainable which shall give us real joy. Most of us think that there is a direct relationship between the number of possessions and the extent of happiness, while in actual, there is no such relationship at all. You’ll find majority of the rich people lacking a sense of happiness. This is because things don’t guarantee you mental satisfaction; they can’t talk to you when you need support or want a hug from someone.

Happiness is perceived differently by different individuals. It all depends from person to person. Happiness is merely a term that has been associated with the feeling/ state of mind of an individual who experiences extreme joy or satisfaction within themselves or by some external motivational factors. 

A wise man would not look for happiness in the outside world; he would plant a seed of bliss within himself and will nurture it time and again. To be happy, it’s vital to understand the underrated qualities of acceptance and a close watch on the level of our expectations.

High expectations will always, without a doubt, lead us to big disappointments in life. And hence, instead of expecting too much, try to just let go of the situation and let it be the way it is.

You know what the favorite game of humans is? ‘The Blame Game’!! We all like to blame the other party for all our miseries and discontent. “Oh! The weather isn’t great, I feel lousy.” “My boyfriend ditched me for another woman, that woman is a witch!” “My boss is a pain, he loads me with so much of work, and I feel like leaving the company.” Why always blame the external factor for why we’re not happy? Why can’t we just grow our happiness within ourselves and be accountable for the way that we feel?

Understand this. When we hold others accountable for our happiness, we give the power to dictate how we’re supposed to go about our life in the hand of some one else. We only have this one lifetime, why give anyone else the power to tell you, what to feel and how to react? 

Take charge of your life and be the person who himself is liable for the things that make him happy or sad. When we hold ourselves answerable, we derive satisfaction and peace of mind, even in the worst of situations. Keep that significant privilege with you.

It’s not a cause or effect, however can be a vital cause for many life events. If we keep making a choice within. Happiness is you, and the act of loving yourself for who you are because you are unique in your own way. Keep exploring, fall in love, make mistakes but never let any circumstance overpower the happiness that grows within you. 

!!!! Don't look for approval, It's always Self Approval !!!!


The Power of Personal Purpose Statement: A must Need for Students

There may be 1000 reasons why it may not work. The need is only one good purpose statement for why it wills….That’s the entire secret. Never be a victim of others definition of self, Instead define yourself own. 

We all have heard this famous advice which says, “Go with the flow”. Whereas the fundamental truth is ‘Even the Flow has its own axiom to get dissolve in to sea”

Flow itself having a motto.How to identify them

But how often do we do that, is actually the question in here. All of the human actions that have happened so far on planet Earth since the inception of human existence have been motivated and driven by some aim which is either conscious or sub-conscious. So, when people suggest that we ‘go with the flow’, it actually adds on to ambiguity in our lives, a feeling that is not much appreciated by natural human behavior.

Having a motto in life is actually very inspiring and demanding. Inspiring because people admire that you have a clue about whatever you’re doing or pursuing and they feel galvanized by your organization capabilities. Demanding because setting a motto actually restricts the flow and re-directs all your efforts towards achieving the set goal. It leaves no scope for ambiguity and callousness. It makes one highly accountable to themselves before anyone else, for their actions.

Why is it important to have a motto in life?
As per the, motto is defined as a maxim adopted as an expression of the guiding principle of a person, organization, city, etc. For instance, someone’s motto in life can be ‘work hard, party hard’, another one can have something like, ‘live life king size’, and for some it may be ‘family will always be my priority’. 

Motto define what you kind of values and principles you believe in as a person. It defines how you want to go about this precious life. Do you want to waste it frowning over materialistic things or do you want live like it’s your last day? Our life should be a happening party rather than a burden. We need to cherish the fact that we are privileged to have been born as a human where we can experience and create experiences for ourselves. This doesn’t imply that only people who would go out and socialize often are the happiest lot and workaholics and introverts can’t be happy. An introvert may not be involved in talking much to people but they might be involved in doing well for people which becomes the source of their happiness. So, having a motto in your life means it’s a way of life that you’ve chosen for yourself and it gets reinforced every single with any activity that you indulge yourself into. 

So, if my motto is to always be a good person and give the benefit of doubt to people, I’d always try to understand the point of the other person as to what they’re meaning to say. 

How do you define your motto?
Very few people actually end up realizing what really matters to them. But when they realize it, it’s often too late to take a corrective action. 

The prerequisites for defining a motto would be your priorities, things of joy for you, sources of satisfaction/dissatisfaction, your ultimate aim as to what you want to achieve and how do you want people to remember you as a person when eventually you succumb to death. 

Identify these things, review your behavior, define your motto, take charge and stick to your values. You only need to find one good reason why it will...............

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Overcome Distractions: Turning out to be a thick skin against all odds When It's Time To Study

Overcome Distractions: Turning out to be a thick skin against all odds When It's Time for Study !!!!

It is fact that, we can never truly know if we're making it right. What probably we do know is the current place and time is the best for us to be now. This small text is NOT driving anything against the sources we discussed, however have tried to put an insight on potential sources and knowing those sources we can our plan effectively. 

When one is going through the difficult and demanding phase of preparations and studies for competitive examinations, distractions are allowed in absolutely no way probable. And to make sure we’re a turning out to be a thick skin against all odds, we need to get rid of all the potential sources of deviation in order to device a more constructive strategy. 

Potential Sources of Distractions

There is nothing good or nothing bad as such, it’s all depends on when and what? So if it’s the time of study probably TV is not good, however on other hand if the mind set to enjoy probably TV is the best friend. This discussion will bring some of the sources to be used judicially specially for students who preparing for various examinations. 

Social Media/ Cellphone/ Laptop: Probably the most resourceful as well as the most potential source of distraction in adults.  Yes, it’s quite hard to survive in modern times without these devices by your side but effectively managing the impact of these on your mind and your life is vital. Whilst they may prove to be amusing in our leisure time, these can also be largely destructive in the process of our growth and progress. How to use these modes of information judiciously is an art and needs a lot of will power at our end. Crucial it is to let go of some things which may turn out harmful in the short run, to attain something in the long run- that’s totally worth it.

Relationships/ Friendships: God has bequeathed us with the privilege of feelings like love, respect, friendship, kindness amidst many. Friends play an important part in shaping our personalities and chiefly leading us to the paths and choices we take in our lives. Our parents may or may not be aware of a thought going on in our minds but friends, they know it all! Hence, choosing a wise company is imperative so that it only motivates us to do better in our lives. True friends will understand how important achieving a particular goal is for you, and they will only act as a catalyst in the process of you attaining that. Same goes for relationships, if your relationship has substance to it, your girlfriend/boyfriend will not mind you taking a break to focus better. Believe it or not, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, even if they’re not trying to be, is a big distraction. So, it’s advisable to prioritize and take it step by step. When you’re professionally satisfied, you always have more to give to a relationship.

Office Work/ Ongoing Studies:  Most of the students preparing for competitive examinations are either pursuing their masters or are working. Let’s be honest, no office will sacrifice on the level of productivity they expect from you. Effective and adequate allocation of time will make you competent in whatever you do. Prioritizing tasks by giving weightage, with respect to the available time and its importance, will help you in making better decisions. Make a rough time table of the things that need to done the next day. Set achievable targets for yourself. Finalize the To-do list by placing the tasks in ranks and their respective time period. This will help you in analyzing where you may be lacking or devoting more time than what is actually required. Don’t forget to add break periods!

Television: Needless to say, it’s always better to avoid the ‘idiot box’ as much as practically possible. We all are well aware of the negative effects it has on our mind and body. The harmful rays of the Television has a bad impact on our eyes, bizarre shows do not add any kind value to our psyche, let alone entertainment! How things work in the fantasy world is quite different from the real life. In order to get a better insight into the long term effects of the television, we may take an instance from the famous Cultivation theory by Gerbner which states that a person who is exposed to media messages on a frequent level is much more conditioned to believe that the messages hold truth in them. The theory suggests that prolonged watching of television can induce the perception of a viewer in such a way that he/she only believes in the authenticity of the scenarios depicted on TV. 

One of the main concerns is that this stimulus doesn’t challenge the status quo prevalent in the society; instead it cultivates it in the viewers.  Hence, media plays an influential role in cultivating and imbibing values, beliefs and certain degree of violence in the world. Now this influence may be small but is definitely significant enough. Most of the times, it feeds wrong information and perception, discourages critical thinking which is a big no  for any person who’s going to sit for competitive examinations. It ain’t called an idiot box for nothing!

Family Problems/ Stress: ‘Stress’- a feeling feared and actively avoided by many people makes a place for itself in our lives every now and then. Unchecked and unsettled stress can lead to many problems related to mental as well as physical health. It alternates our eating habits, develops anxiety, complicates our thought process and may also create some serious health issues related to heart and blood pressure. Situations will never be eternally the same. There are ups and there are downs. But the true strength of a character lies in the approach applied in times of distress. Hence, having an optimistic outlook and avoiding stress by remaining composed will only make us grow as a better and stronger individual.

Knowing is the best remedy: This helps in deciding about right time, place & objects. Ponder over the lessons learnt and continue your preparations with full swing.
Overcome Distractions When its Time for Study

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To choose is to have power: How many choices away from your new beginning?

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom :-Viktor E. Frankl

Your life is by far a result of choices you make. You will often come across people who would say they don’t like reading, probably because it was never encouraged during their young age. People would often comment about not liking internet, but it’s because they have always heard something negative about it (which may or may not stand true). And many more such examples exist in our surroundings. The whole point of talking about all of this is, simply to put across a view point that says, “Lack of interest can sometimes only be a lack of knowledge.” A very common example, people are often heard saying that they don’t like mathematics, and it’s not because mathematics is boring or bad but just because they never understood the basics correctly.

Choices are a very vital part of human existence and living. We make numerous choices every day; right from the smaller ones like what should I eat in breakfast today, or what I shall wear to work to real big ones like should I get married, or shall I leave this job? Every choice we make has got a huge impact on our lives. We have a choice in each and every situation of life, you might not like the choices available but you will always have choices… and to choose is to have power.

When you make a specific choice out of choices available, you make a decision, and that is where your power lies. Every time you choose, you are creating something new in your life and thus you are leading your life by the choices you make.
You will make a different choice every time as your needs at a given point in time would be different, and you need to maintain a balance in life, hence your choice is never right or wrong.  But to choose the one that will give you more peace, contentment, and happiness at that point of time is the Power that lies in your choice.  
Every passing moment places us on the pinnacle of a potent wave — we can either reject our possibility to choose freely, or realize the potential of the power that we have. Our choices are often based on the fact, that how do we feel about it… what I mean to say is we choose something because we feel good about it.

For example:-
We choose to eat junk food, because we like it.
We choose to sleep instead of going for a morning walk because we feel good about sleeping for those few extra hours.

We often don’t ponder much while making these small choices because we forget that there will be an impact of these small choices too.

However, if we have to decide about leaving our job, or buying a house, we find ourselves pondering upon making a choice and that’s because we want to choose what’s best. 

So why not just go with what feels best at each point of making a choice and using your power?  Why not give a try to make yourself aware of what power do you hold within yourself? Why not choose with a Purpose and a greater intent every time because as I feel that the power resides in your choice, and hence I say, the power you possess to choose your path is extraordinary.

To realize the power that lies in your choice in its true sense, it is important that we consciously practice presence. According to a Harvard study, our minds are wandering half of the time. In other words, most of the times, we are distracted by something or the other. However, in order to make the best choice, it is important that we are totally present in our current reality. Thus, it is important to practice presence. Along with being present with what is developing every second, to come to a space of learning, there is also a need to develop the ability to observe the present moment factually. When we try to observe the factual things around us, we start to see things in a broader perspective, which in turns helps to make better choices with a freer will. 

And trust me when I say free will, because no matter what seems to be intrusive of your free will, your power lies inside you, not your superficial circumstance. Traditionally speaking, your free will focuses on our ability to make choices, without external influences like destiny or energy.  Free will is often influenced with thoughts like if, you will be acknowledged positively by others, or if your choices might result in guilt or embarrassment. 

However, practically speaking free will resides in your choices about how you view others, yourself, your circumstances and reality.  It is your mindful determination and commitment to those choices that energize and drive the powerful action steps that transform your life.

We are extremely skilled at making choices and then point the finger at some person or circumstance for that choice. Our outlook and interpretation of our reality is the most powerful facet of our free will.

There is no standpoint, opinion or “fact” about reality where you do not have free will in.  Whatever you consider as fact, there is at least one other person on the globe who does not. You could definitely prove them wrong, but, within your understanding of reality.  Does that actually prove you right? 

Ask is not to disregard important outside information, rather it is to step into your own power. The power that is deep rooted in your own true celestial nature, filled with love, joy, clarity and peace.  

Off course, you must be thinking how to access this deep rooted power?

Do we already not know?  

Yes, through your power to choose and no one can take this away from you.

Paulo Coelho in his famous book “The Alchemist “states, Once you make a choice, the universe shifts in the direction of that choice.

Making a choice opens up anything that goes in the direction of that choice.  You don’t need to search for anything, because once your choice is made, you will unsurprisingly go in the direction of that choice because of your pledge to that choice and thus it becomes imperative to be honest with yourself.  Now you will think, what’s the big deal?

Off course, I am honest with myself. But the truth is we aren’t. Knowing things about your self should be the easiest thing in the world, because as we all might think, we are our own experts. 

But let me tell you the truth, this expertise more often than not is misleading. Not only does our human brain suffer from a wide variety of well-documented prejudices, it may even be that we are hard-wired to be self-deceptive.

If we want to maintain a rubicund picture of ourselves than we actually possess, it gets easier if we believe that rubicund picture as well.
Such misconceptions often result in absurd statistics, such as most drivers claiming to be above average in ability. If you believe you’re the best, it’s easier to get others to believe it too.
We as humans are designed to lie to ourselves, hence justly knowing oneself and staying honest to self can often be difficult.
Now when we speak of honesty in terms of making the best choice, let’s ask ourselves:
Does the stimuli you pursue have candid logic, or are they self-deceptions, intricately built to help you pursue different goals while you can honestly claim to be pursuing something else?
I have asked this because, blinded by self-deception we often claim to pursue higher motivations, while actually we get driven by baser ones.
To connect it to real a time example, let me ask you a question.  In the process of deception of a rich sophisticated look, do we not often find ourselves appreciating things or looking for things that come with a costly price tag? Unquestionably Yes is the answer.
I would agree that at it in some instances, self- deception might stand useful, however we cannot deny the fact that an erratic theory of life makes choosing out of available choices or making decisions a lot harder. Because, when you can’t be completely sure of your own motivations for your behavior, it’s much tougher to have a firm theory of how you should lead your life or what choice would be best for you.
So now when we understand that we are not truly honest with ourselves. Let’s see how we can become honest to us. Yes off course we have science, as a tool to help us understand ourselves, but theoretically speaking, science of human nature can only provide broad principles entangled with vivid exceptions.
Hence, instead on relying or science, each of us need to introspect and more than that observe our own behavior and actions. At times we fear to make a choice, as we think that the outcome might not be worth, which is actually a deception. We do not fear of the outcome, but about the society and social acceptability of our choice.
Oprah Winfrey says, “Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning – one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be.”
Hence, I believe, we all would be of a common consensus at least with the fact that our choices do drive our lives and we a lot of times do not happen to choose what’s best for us, and that is either because we choose thinking about the social desirability or acceptability of our thoughts or we choose without thinking about the purpose that would be solved by the choice we make, as we forget about the impact of our choice on our lives.
I would like to quote the words of famous American orator and politician from Nebraska William Jennings Bryan, where he says,Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
If we are obsessed, it is because we chose unhealthy diet. If we are hurt emotionally, it’s because we made a choice of allowing someone to let us hurt. And as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, historian, and short story writer said, A man is happy so long as he choose to be happy.”  I would also say we are happy because we made a choice to stay happy, we made choice to ignore the negativism around us.
And, therefore I would conclude by saying that the power lies in your choice, what you choose would in turn lead your life. Hence, it’s important to introspect and observe our own behavior and actions, so that we can know our true selves and then make choices that would be best for us. Once, we develop an understanding of what is best for us, we will observe and feel the power that we hold within ourselves, which is the power to choose, and only then can we realize the power lies in our choices
!!!! You can spit in the eye of destiny only if you have the courage to choose for yourself !!!!

You too will feel healed and whole........

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